SmartFilterID™ Glasses



Wear the glasses to visually scan the entire body for skin abnormalities in less than 2 minutes. Lens cleaning clothe is included in each DermID kit.

Time Saving

Instantly visualize any skin abnormalities.


Instantly visualize any skin abnormalities, greater customer experience when customer can also see.

Easy access / Mobile:

Place in your pocket or in individual exam rooms for easy access to visualize skin abnormalities.

Fewer resources required:

Use only the glasses and dermID flash light to identify skin abnormalities. The glasses are UNIVERSAL for all users.

Quicker answers / Diagnosis:

Within seconds you can identify skin issues. Compact.

Money Maker

Charge set prices for full body scans, or scan for free and upsell procedures and products.


If ever broken you can have a new one to you in less than 24 hours.